self portrait by Nabil

Jakarta, Indonesia based artist, dwelling in multidisciplinary methods in creating art throughout, both physically and digitally. known for his bilingual rapping style, intricate flow changes, lyricism and songwriting skills, He has reached a certain level of familiarity in both the underground music scene and the mainstream industry due to his long list of features with many talented artists.

Matter Mos has been making music with a wide array of genres, producing music in genres such as hip-hop, soul, pop, and even jazz.

His debut album PRONOIA 1.0 is a testament to his ability to combine multiple genres into one album.

He has received two AMI (Indonesian award event) wins, six AMI nominations, and one PARANOIA award. Additionally, his involvement in co-writing has helped two songs be nominated for AMI awards (one of which he won) and a handful of songs with high stream numbers on digital service providers.

Now, working closely with his audio engineer Akmal Rizky, Matter Mos is passionate about creating new blueprints for independent artists. He is currently developing songwriting teams, audio production houses, and collaborating with web3 visual artists to study new ways of creating.

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